Quiz: Is Your Boss Reprimanding You or Doing a Poetry Slam?

 cigar boss

Being a woman in the workforce, sometimes it can be hard to know just what your boss may be trying to communicate to you. Everyone thinks that just because you’re a woman, they need to tip toe around your feelings. If that’s the case, use this helpful guide to figure out if your boss is trying to lay down the law or some original poetic prose.

Question 1: In what setting is your boss speaking to you?

A. Office-like area with desks, computers, and filing cabinets.

B. A small theater that seats about 30.

C. A place where food is prepared.

Question 2: What is your boss wearing?

A. Business casual attire or a suit.

B. A black turtle neck and some type of hat.

C. Nothing.

Question 3: Choose the option that more closely resembles your boss’s opening remark.

A. Do you have a moment? I’d like to discuss your performance.

B. WhEn the Sun arosE and the dEw was light – I. I. I awokE to a Shadow. Pulsing. Cursing. Knowing. Growing.

C. Gotta do more, gotta be more.


Mostly A’s: You’re in trouble, baby. Your boss is most likely trying to let you know that your work needs some improving.

Mostly B’s: Snaps for your office overlord! The intensity of their language may have thrown you, but if you answered mostly B’s, your boss has a creative streak you never knew about and they are just trying to bare their soul!

Mostly C’s: You’re on your own. Might as well try to have fun figuring it out, but no matter your boss’s objective, simply try complimenting them on their insightful sincerity and let them know their powerful role of office wordsmith has not gone unnoticed. You may be able to hang on to your job for just a tad longer, or you may get invited back to the next open mic night!