Spring Hair Trends That Will Drive the Final Nail Into Your Divorce


Soon-to-be ex hubby dragging you through the mud while he drags ass on your divorce? Try these boss do’s and show that man who used to be yours that this marriage is over and done with. One glance at you and your rockin’ new hairstlye and he’ll know he’s in way over his head (that’s covered with hair nowhere near as on fleek as yours)!

Blunt Ends

Your locks are a reflection of you. Split ends, split marriage? Give those dead ends a good hacking and show your soon-to-be ex exactly who you are. Straight cut ends mean a straight-to-the-point woman. This look will give you the confidence to say exactly what’s on your mind and to ask for what you want – nay! What you deserve: the house, half of his salary, and child support for your two beautiful Lhasa Apsos.


He definitely got his side-bang on, so now it’s your turn. This one is an oldie but a goody. While hair trends repeat themselves, history doesn’t have to when it comes to your love life. This sweet and sultry look says, “I will survive! As long as I know how to hide part of my forehead (and my emotional baggage), I know I’ll stay alive!”


Just add an ‘S’ to the beginning of this tres chic trend and you get what your deadbeat husband is! A sleek, clean look means a sleek, clean break. Let a long bob help you say, “So long, Bob!”

Mermaid Hair

Whether it’s long, beachy waves or a vibrant hue, mermaid-like locks are a surefire way to turn you into one fierce single lady. You’re no longer landlocked by this tragic union. The world is your oyster! Go forth and sing your siren song! Maybe even fuck a sailor. You know what? No. Definitely fuck a sailor. Captain Rebound awaits, m’lady!

It’s a new chapter (hopefully not of bankruptcy) for you! Don’t get stuck in the past. Love your hair, love yourself! Freshen up those tresses this spring and finalize that divorce. Use these style tips to help you drive that final nail into the coffin of your dead, dead marriage.